Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Cheese Has Moved...

There has been lots of change in my life lately. For those that are not already in the know, I have taken a new position at The Associated Press. This is a very exciting opportunity. I am working for another company with a long and prestigious history, with a team of extremely smart developers and a sharp management team, and some very exciting technology. You can read all about The Associated Press on the AP Web Site, or you can take a look at some of the new web sites I will be managing – AP Images, AP Exchange, AP Archive, the Winter Olympics Microsite (and more like this to come). I will be working in the mobile space as well. I am still getting a handle on the mobile landscape at the AP, but I already have the AP Mobile and AP Today in History applications on my Motorola Droid. As you would expect, the AP has a large social media footprint. You can follow AP, AssociatedPress, or AP_Images on Twitter. There is an AssociatedPress channel on YoTube. You can also join the Associated Press page on FaceBook.

I have also changed my blog’s home. After much of the hemming and hawing, I have moved my blog onto my own domain, There is not a lot of content on the main site, but more is on the way. The new URL for my blog is I have changed the old FeedBurner feeds to point to the new ones, so you might have gotten 140 new posts from me in your feed reader. Sorry about that. I have also created two new FeedBurner feeds – Pixelated Views Blog and Pixelated Blog Comments. I recommend following them.

So… that’s enough change for me for now. If only it were always my choice…


Jazminwilss said...

ohh its so sad to know that your cheese has been moved..
I will find it out where it has been moved..
Thanks for sharing
Jazmin W